Undertow Mix Tape

Michael Buckley Writes

Music sometimes informs what I’m writing and never as much as it did for Undertow. To get into the mind of Lyric Walker and her friend Bex I found that some old school post-punk and current bands helped me find their voices. Lyric and Bex are very unique protagonists – not the introverted, bookish types you find in a lot of YA, not ciphers, not girls needy for a boy’s attention, but fifty-foot tall forces of nature who know they’re hot and enjoy the attention. Lyric, knows she has an impact on boys and she enjoys the fun she can conjure with it, but at the same time there’s nothing arrogant about her. She’s not cruel or unkind – she’s just bad ass and wild – she’s Ann and Nancy Wilson, Joan Jett, Kim Gordon, Shirley Manson and a whole bunch of other awesome, larger than life women mixed with…

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