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This is me in Tobago. I don’t live there. I went there once on vacation and had a selfie stick and well, things got kind of crazy. I wrecked the rental car on that trip. That’s a story for another time.

The story for now is about me, the writer. I grew up in Akron, Ohio – which used to be the HOME OF MICHAEL BUCKLEY but is now THE HOME OF LEBRON JAMES. I used to stand up there in the local comedy club with Drew Carey. He wouldn’t remember me. I was also in a punk rock band called Danger Will Robinson. We were not a very good punk rock band but it was fun. When the band was over I went to college – a small state school called Ohio University, then moved to NYC to be an intern for the Late Show With David Letterman. When it was over, I stayed in the city and got a job working in TV and advertising.

Then, one day I had an idea that became The Sisters Grimm. It was pretty successful and totally changed my life. Afterwards, I wrote a new series called NERDS which was pretty successful, too. I was on top of the world! Then I wrote a picture book called Kel Gilligan’s Daredevil Stuntshow. It wasn’t very successful.  It’s hilarious and the illustrations are amazing. I blame the audience for not having the intelligence to understand its whimsical genius. After my crushing failure,  wrote The Undertow Trilogy, a YA series for teens about a mermaid vs. human race war. It had a giant wall in it and a politician who made everyone’s lives hard, so those are technically my ideas.  Sorry.

Michael Buckley is the multiple NY Times bestselling author of Undertow, The Sisters Grimm, and NERDS series, as well as Kel Gilligan’s Daredevil Stuntshow and one half of the creative team behind CN’s Robotomy.  He lives in Brooklyn with his wife and son. He likes cupcakes.

He grew up in Akron, Ohio and attended Ohio University, graduated in 1996 with honors.  Shortly after he moved to NYC, interning for CBS’s The Late Show with David Letterman, and worked as a stand-up comic and TV and ad copywriter.  The Sisters Grimm was the first of his nineteen books.

I’ve been on the NY Times bestseller list thirty times so far. It’s kind of cool and looks good on a book jacket. Well, that’s about it.

Oh, I do school visits sometimes. I go all over country and can visit your school, too.  I generally speaks to kids in grades K-12 about writing. Some people say I’m funny and inspiring.  If you’re interested you can reach out to me at pottymouth5000@gmail.

If you have questions about television and film rights information please contact Alison Fargis at Stonesong. She can give you the hook up.

20 thoughts on “About Buckley

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  4. Please another sister Grimm book 111111111 more I beg you please another sister Grimm book like about the future slowly coming up

  5. Hello Michael Buckley, I am one of your fans and I was wondering where you find inspiration to write books?

  6. hey michael buckley im a really big fan of Robotomy ive been reading in interveiws that you said it was for older then most of the network and im just wondering who were you aiming the show at

    • Hey Danny. When Robotomy got picked up the network asked us to create a show that would bridge the audience from little kids to the adults who watch the channel at night – so it was supposed to be edgy. It was an experiment, and though the ratings were actually very good, it was a very difficult show to make for everyone, including me. When they told me that they weren’t going to make any more of them I was relieved. My vision of what it was supposed to be was constantly under attack from all sides. I wish my partner, Joe Deasy, and I would have had more creative control. I think it would have reached a lot more people, but everyone second guessed everything, and that kind of thing doesn’t happen in the literature world, so I had no idea how to handle it. I’m glad you liked it. Joe and I talk about it from time to time. Some of it still makes me laugh very hard, and there are a few things in it that I’m really quite proud of.

  7. Mr. Buckley,
    We were having a discussion in my class about your Sisters Grimm series. The topic was perspective. We were wondering, what if the books were rewritten from mirror’s perspective? We would discover new facts, learn great insight into his character, and develop further knowledge of the Scarlet Hand. We want to know, what do you think about our idea?
    Martha Potts’s fifth grade class.

    • I think that’s very clever. I suspect if Mirror wrote the story the reader might feel a lot of sympathy for his situation. I suspect he was pretty lonely sometimes. When you’re writing you always have to consider what all the characters want in every scene. How do they feel about what is happening? I think it makes for better stories and more possibilities.

  8. Hi there Mr. Buckley, I was wondering if there’s a chance that The Sisters Grimm series will ever become a TV series? Especially now that Netflix has created a lot of new TV series based on books! Growing up this series made my childhood and is what made me fall in love with fairytales and possibly writing a book myself! I remember always looking out for move news about the series during that time but I don’t think anything ever happened. Bringing the series to life through a TV series would be awesome because the characters have such rich backstories and for me to be able to reminsce about the story since there aren’t any new books in the series.

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